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Discovering the peace and rest that come from knowing God will transform your life.  I hope that you will find some encouragement  as you visit our site!

Grace is God’s unmerited favor! It is the FREE GIFT of God! Revealing His profound love!

Hi, I'm Bruce!  I've got a few things to share about God's love mercy and grace!  Hope you can find some encouragement while you visit our site!  Hopefully you will be inspired in your relationship with God!  Check out the top menu for my blog, video page and podcast page and more!  Grace upon grace to you!

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God can use all of us to reveal his love. He loves to make the impossible happen! In my wildest dreams I could never imagine he could care one bit about me. But, his love changes everything!

Be sure to check out my Blog.  Browse through some of them when you have some time.  God seems to have a way of using things in my life so it will be relevant to us all!  Enjoy!        

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Cosotot Falls Arkansas

Cosotot Falls Arkansas