Where Do You Stand?


I was told repeatedly growing up that if you didn’t stand for something you would fall for anything!

Well I fell for most everything, so I guess that means that I didn’t stand for anything either!

Even when I tried to have the right convictions, morals, attitudes and just plain ol thinking, I never could pull it off.  Fear and failure tracked me down like bees on honey.  If you know anything about bees, you know they can find the least little bit of honey you could imagine!

So…when I didn’t stand for anything and fell for everything…God demonstrates his love for me (and you) in that when we didn’t even want him, while we didn’t yet believe in him he died for us…yes before we even arrived on the planet!

So…in my mess and failure and despair I cried out to him for rescue.  Helpless and hopeless and standing on nothing I could do for myself he delivered me.

He acquitted me, declared me righteous, and gave me right standing with God through my baby faith!

Then Jesus declares that we have peace with God, reconciliation to hold and enjoy! Not only that…we have entered into and been introduced because of faith, into Grace, this state of God’s favor! This is where we now live!  The STATE of Grace! We can dance for joy, and rejoice in hope of experiencing and enjoying the glory of God!    

Where do I now stand?  In God’s GRACE!  If you are a believer, where do you stand?  In God’s GRACE! 

So…where do you stand?