Plug In To His Power!

Ya gotta plug in!

Ya gotta plug in!

I heard a man describe three of the major religions in the world recently, and he said that they all offered the same idea of peace and love. 

So he described them as being the same and it was just up to you to choose which one you would belong to, if any.

This man who said these things was a leader in one of these religions, and has gained a lot of respect.

I almost think that most Christians really believe the same thing. 

Now, Christians would mostly claim that we have Christ and the others don’t.  He is the superhero of the Christian faith.  He should be the one that we live for and follow as our example.  We should live and do as he did!

The Christian life, however, is not just based on believing the same things… with a different superhero, and you can’t just read the New Testament and come up with only peace and love. 

The New Testament is about the radical exchange of life that can happen on the inside of human beings.  It is about discovering the power of the Holy Spirit in the New Life that he gives us

Certainly peace and love come from the new life that comes to dwell in believers, but it is the new life that comes first.

The other religions have no claim to the God that gives us His life to live in us and through us.  Without the recognition of that life in us, we are left on our own to determine life as we see it.

Christianity without the indwelling Christ is powerless.  The Holy Spirit was promised by our Father, and sent by Jesus Christ to dwell in us, making us powerful and successful in living the Christian life. 

God’s life in you, the power for living!  Are you plugged in to His Life? How do you tap into that power that the Bible describes as dynamite?  You believe!  You decide that it is true!

Are you powerful and successful in living the Christian life?  Do you realize that as a believer He is living in you? 

Believe it!