Burn Out For God?

Burn out for God!  Boy that sounds fun doesn’t it? 

I was looking through some of my Dad’s old song books the other day and I came across this song written in 1929.  It’s called “Let Me Burn Out For Thee”.

I have no doubt that it was intended to be used to inspire worship and doing things for the Lord.  But the implications seem to be that we are at our best when we wear ourselves out FOR the Lord.

Some of the words include; burning out and wearing out for Thee; don’t let me rust out, or my life be a failure.  Get me so close to Thee, until I burn out for Thee.

OK, I don’t want to be too hard on the song.  Like I said, I believe there were good intentions.  I also believe that it can be driven into our minds that God is just like that and wants us to all burn out For Him. 

But, this seems to be in real contrast to the Gospel message of coming to the end of ourselves.  Jesus calls us to come to Him and rest!  He pleads with us to lay the heavy burdens that we try to carry upon Him instead.  He says that his load is light and easy to be carried!  Sounds great to me!  I feel better already!

In the Amplified Bible Jesus says that He will cause us to rest, and give us a vacation for our souls!  Now that’s a load I can bear!

Is your load too heavy? 

Do you think the Christian life is hard or easy?


Verses are found in Matthew 11:28-30…especially in the Amplified Bible