We Struggle So Hard!


We struggle so hard to plan our future.  I don’t mean our distant future, just what is right before us.  If it’s not now, or the past, even the next moment is in the future.  We think we are trusting God as we continue to just make our plans and plunder along doing what we plan to do anyway.  Oh…and we ask God to bless our efforts.  In the flesh.  Apart from Him.

We live a lot of our lives not hearing, or listening to God’s voice leading us to take another step in another direction.  We often refuse to wait on him.  Let me correct that.  Most of the time we refuse to wait on him. 

Is there another way to live as a believer?  Could we live as if God could be trusted?  Could we learn to wait, even in this society of instant everything.

Psychologists are saying that we are more stressed out than ever and are exhausted from information overload. 

It seems that we run away from God’s exciting promise of meeting our needs.  We run to the satisfaction of the moment to supply our every whim even when we know it is hurting us and that it is opposed to the very thing that we say that we want, which is abundant life.

That abundant life that we put on the bottom of the list is nothing less than God’s life!  The life that Jesus came to give us! 

Why would we choose to partner with a thief and a liar who came to steal, kill and destroy?

Because we don’t know who we are.

 Do you know who you are?